05 January 2013

Mini Read-a-thon: Wrap Up!

Well, that went SWIMMINGLY, didn't it? How did you all fare? Myself, I managed to wake up late due to the mind-reading fail of my iPhone, and then I puttered around a bit and couldn't settle and then there was laundry to do because I do like clean pants (both the US and the UK kinds).

I have so far completed the reading of approximately a zillion blog posts and comments, snarked on Twitter with my read-a-thon buddies, eaten 4 mini-eclairs and 1/3 of a bag of mini-corn chips, and read a grand total of 106 pages.

All in all, a very fabulous afternoon with my bookish internet friends, I'm excited about books again, and everything is wonderful. As Megs said, one of these days we'll have to do re-enact this day while we're all in the same room - but then we'll probably abandon our books to talk.

Which is exactly how I like it.