30 January 2013

Attachments - Rainbow Rowell

This is a book aimed at people who read the internet, who love snark, have a soft spot for the cute IT guy down the hall, who are lonely for romance sometimes but know they have great friends, who are flawed, and who have the ability (along with said friends) to find themselves endlessly entertaining.

Basically, Rainbow Rowell wrote a book-cannon that is aimed in my exact direction. A paginated SCUD missile with the coordinates of my person embedded in its little wiry bits.

And it. is. great. Like, Kirsten Bell-loving-sloths-great.

Lincoln is the "internet security" guy hired to read and send threatening responses to any emails that get flagged through his company's email system - when really he'd pictured himself as a white hat hacker, saving his company from the Evil Internet. For you babies out there, this used to happen back in the 90's when bosses thought that if people had unlimited access to email, they would chat back and forth all day and not get any work done. (They were not far wrong, we've all just moved to gchat.)

Onward! Lincoln starts reading the email exchanges between Beth and Jennifer, discovers that they're talking about... him, and adorable hijinks ensue. I read this over Christmas and had to return it before I wrote down quotes, which is probably for the best because I would have just quoted the whole damn thing and that would probably have landed me in hot water with Rowell, who - aside from being a charming author - is an absolute HOOT on Twitter.

SO! Attachments. If you have not yet read it, you should do so! Tout de suite!

9.5 out of 11 Late Night Snack Machines