28 July 2013

Mini Readathon: Mid'Thon Madness

It's (nearly) 1pm here in California, which means we've reached the midpoint of the mini-thon! It's half over, you guys, and I have loved every minute.

So far, I have finished 6 mini puff pastries full of gorgonzola and caramelized onions - showing GREAT restraint and cleverness in only cooking half of the box at once (6) to keep me from eating all of them at once - 4 mini cinnamon rolls, and a bunch of coffee. Some proper (and properly tiny) food might be up next, I think.

I have also FINISHED A BOOK!

The Golden Mean by Annabel Lyon was interesting and lovely and I shall review it anon. Or not, like I do. Then, while contemplating what to read next, I got a very polite email from the library reminding me that Atwood's Oryx and Crake is due in 3 days, and no you can't renew it because there are other people in line don't be that PERSON, TIKA. So I had a mini-dilemma about whether to hold off on Eleanor & Park (because I own it so I don't have to read it ever - that's how that works, right?) and try to crank through Oryx & Crake, or should I just return O&C to the library and requeue? While I contemplated these things (via Twitter with Laura), I knitted a tiny house elf premie hat and listened to The Mill on the Floss.

Not pictured: The Mill on the Floss. Because it's an audiobook. 
SO! What have you all been up to, my dulcet darlings?