11 January 2014


Welcome, one and all, to our celebration-lette of everything we love about spending the whole day in our pajamas tweeting reading and eating large amounts of tiny foods! Except it's not the whole day because that's too taxing, so let's just do 8 hours, shall we? Everyone gets one nap. Maybe two.

Okay, three. 

SO, what are you eating? Show me your minifoods! Here's what I've got so far:

Plus some mini-carrots but who cares about vegetables on Minithon Day?

Except that it's 8am on a Saturday after I put in a Very Serious Week at work, so my food right now consists of a cup of coffee - the size of which has absolutely zero to do with smallness.

Caffeinate first. Eat later. Everyone lives.
And then there are my books! To be frank, I've been tearing my way through Scott Lynch's Gentleman Bastards series and it's difficult to come up with a way in which these ~700 page books about an orphan-turned-master-thief are mini. What's that you ask? Was he a child mini-human when the series began?

Nailed it.

We made it through the first tradition of the Minithon, which is spending the first 1-2 hours talking on the internet about how we're not reading yet and (for those of us in earlier time zones) sucking down caffeine until our humanity emerges.

 I got up from my chair about an hour ago to grab some crackers and chocolate-covered toffee popcorn (damn you Trader Joes...) and put my flannel sheets in the wash to keep myself from napping, which turned out to be a genius move. I'm prissy civilized about where I sleep, so no napping in a bed without sheets or on the couch for me unless shit is DIRE.

Round about 10am CA time, I poured myself some more coffee and a bowl of cereal, then settled down to Republic of Thieves by Scott Lynch (book 3 of the Gentlemen Bastards series). Back in 2010, I charged through the first book, The Lies of Locke Lamora, like a knight winning a joust, not knowing that it was going to be a series. Imagine my delight when, four years later, I discovered that TWO MORE BOOKS had been published and I'd forgotten enough of the details to make a re-read of book 1 a requirement.

So, that's what I'm doing right now. I've got about 150 pages to go, so I may not get anything else started this 'Thon, but that's juuuust fine with me.

What are you gals up to? What have you eaten? I'm considering going downstairs to heat the oven and eat some of those mini chicken tamalitos...


We are finished with the Third Ever Minithon and I'm the LAST person to update because directly after my first update I did indeed make chicken tamalitos and some other mini-foods and then took a shower and then made my bed because my sheets were dry and crashed. the. fuck. out.

Now I am up and make-upped and my BFF will be here shortly and we're going to meet our other BFF for dinner on a gift certificate so today, over all, will be a Banner Day.

Thank you ALL for joining me in this best of excuses to read and eat all day! Let's do it again in the summer, ok?

Any time, Bruce.

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