28 July 2013

Mini Readathon: Let's Get This (mini) Party Started!

IT IS TIME YOU GUYS and I am so excited that I actually SET MY ALARM unlike last time when I woke up late because no alarm on weekends. But you won't know that for real unless you are hanging out with us on Twitter (#minithon), because I'm totally scheduling this post ahead of time. You didn't expect me to get up in time to caffeinate, read, AND blog, did you? Surely you know me better than that.

Here is my plan!

It looks like a lot of pages (and it is), but I'm already 2/3 through The Golden Mean and 84 pages into The Hero of Ages, which I plan to read more of as soon as I finish this post and also maybe another three episodes of Orange is the New Black.

For those of you just joining us, WELCOME! There aren't a lot of guidelines around here, but we do try to stick with the theme of "mini," or at least come up with some fairly outrageous justifications as to why our chosen books/food fit the theme. Bonus imaginary internet points for creativity. Toss up a starting post, we'll do a mid-'Thon post around 1pm Pacific (that's 1/2 way through and conveniently after lunch for me), and then at some point, a wrap-up. I'll start us off, shall I?

The Golden Mean: is about Alexander the great as a preteen and teenager, as told through Aristotle's (somewhat dirty old man) eyes. Teenagers are, as we established last time, miniature people in brain if not in stature, so this totally counts.

Eleanor & Park: See above re. teenagers. Also, I am part of the minority of my internet book friends who have read this, and minorities are small, which is LIKE being mini.

The Hero of Ages: this... is... not a miniature book - being the third of three equally large tomes - but it might be the shortest book Brandon Sanderson has ever written? And the heroine is... a quite petite person... who was a teenager when the first book started? My brother finished these books before I did and has threatened to start texting me spoilers if I don't finish them soon, and he's younger than I am, so...

You may be wondering about the tiny hat, needles, earbuds, and yarn (or you might not be...). Well, when my eyes need a break from words on the page, I'm going to plug into the audiobook of The Mill on the Floss - which is DECIDEDLY not mini in ANY justifiable way - and knit more miniature hats. For premie babies in the NICU. BAM.

Food! Let's be honest, the reason we're really here is to eat large amounts of tiny foods under the excuse that we're educating our minds by reading when we could be bbq-ing and drinking beer on a Sunday. I started with this:

140 calories of Doritos, some mini-passtry puffs, and a zillion calories worth of Cadbury mini-eggs
And was feeling quite satisfied, and then Rayna had to go and post about mini-muffins on Twitter. So I ran out to Target and got a bunch of other stuff like mini-cinnamon rolls and some baby carrots and sweet peppers (healthy!) and some ranch dressing (to negate the healthiness!). I also got a new make-up case and like 12 things I didn't really need, but that's normal because it's Target.

SO! What are you guys reading/eating/doing? Get on the internet and tell me right now! What are you doing with your nose in that book?!?