07 February 2013

Harry Potter HFriday - Week the Somethingth?

I missed last week because – I forget why but it was definitely legit. Suffice to say that, like many of you, I had forgotten that CoS gets vastly better in the second half, what with Tom Riddle and poor dear Ginny and LOCKHART. Oh Lockhart. Your best moment is yet to come!

BUT before I get into PoA, about which I have Things to Say, look at what came in the mail! Just LOOK!

All the glitter! My desk is so festive now!
Kayleigh is Australia’s premier wand-maker. Mine is made of ash, quite springy, and has a phoenix tailfeather core.  I have been using it to open doors at supermarkets and change traffic lights, and it works beautifully.

This brings me to a question I have regarding wand cores: if most reputable wand distributors use three major (core, if you will…) ingredients, then where do they all come from, I’d like to know? Dragon heartstrings can’t come cheap, and if they (wild dragons) have mostly died out except in Romania, are there dragon farms for heartstrings and dragon leather garments? And are there unicorns running around with rather scraggy looking tails? How many phoenixes are out there who are willing to give tail feathers if Fawkes gave only two?

FINE THEN, moving on. Prisoner of Azkaban!! Here’s a bullet point list of things I have been thinking about while reading:

  • This book is so. good. It's all uphill from here (until it's NOT. Ahem.)
  • This one eschews a lot of the (by now) boring exposition and jumps right in with scary shit and drama. JK is doing a much better job of leaving newer readers reminders without bludgeoning the rest of us over the head with stuff we already know.
  •  OMG you guys, Ginny with the dementor on the traaaaaain! Why didn’t anyone give HER chocolate? She looked almost as bad as Harry! And then HHR are super-rude to her later and it pissed. me. off. Be nicer to Ginny, you guys!
  •  How hilarious is Professor Trelawney at Christmas dinner? “To my surprise I saw myself joining you all…”

 I love the feud between her and MacGonagall. Somehow it makes me think that MacGonagall sees a little of herself in Hermione which would explain… STUFF FOR NEXT WEEK!

  •  Lastly,