15 February 2013

Harry Potter HFriday - The End of PoA

We have reached the end of Prisoner of Azkaban and have therefore been introduced to the majority of the major characters in this series. Sure, there are a few more to come – some of them near and dear to my heart – and some who appear minor FOR NOW and will become major later.

This is the genius of JK, my friends. Drink it in.

I have another issue I’d like to address: I know we’ve sort of beaten the money thing to death, BUT!  What if tuition at Hogwarts were paid by wizard taxes? Harry and Hermione and Dean Thomas would go to Hogwarts essentially for free (I guess?) but then when they got out they’d have wizarding jobs and would then pay wizard taxes – not the regular Muggle ones.

This could explain why no one mentions the actual tuition – just paying for books and wands and stuff. Also, it upholds principles of education with which I agree.

Wizard taxes and dragon heartstrings are the things that keep me up at night, friends.

Okay, so are we ready to jump on our respective Sirius hating/loving bandwagons? Personally I think he’s a terrible role model for Harry and doesn’t consider his safety as a godfather should. On the other hand, let’s do a little Googling:

Ok, so Lily had Harry when she was 20, and Harry is now 13, so Sirius is 33 years old when PoA takes place, but ONE COULD ARGUE that he’s really still only 20ish, as it’s pretty well established (by me) that one does not mature properly when one is being tormented by dementors. Plus his own childhood was mumbleBOOKFIVEmumble, so I’m filing him under “doing the best he can with the little he’s got.”

Point of Order #1: we are all older than Lily and James when they died, and I (at least) am older than Sirius. This freaks me out a little. (Also, the Marauders were awful but they were children. Many of whom never had the opportunity to mature for one reason or another, and we will talk about this later.)

Point of Order #2: If Hagrid was a 3rd year 51 years ago (in CoS), then he’s something like 64, and while I think he was VERY well cast in the movies, there is no way that Hagrid is 64 years old. Conversely, Gary Oldman is SO OLD to play Sirius. The casting director played a little fast and loose with the adults, is what I’m saying. Not that I object, but it does make me feel ancient to think that Sirius is supposed to be MY AGE in these movies and look at Gary Oldman in the role. It’s like thinking you’re going to be played by Emma Stone and instead it’s Glenn Close. Still amazing (actually more so), just… we’re not in Kansas or our 20’s any more, children. Someone bring me some Botox.

 9.5 of 11 Missing Hedwigs (seriously, where was Hedwig this whole time?!?)