05 April 2013

Harry Potter HFriday - Part the Twins

I have some Very Serious Stuff to discuss this week, so let’s get the important issue on the table right away, shall we?

"...he bit hard on his pillow to stop himself making a noise."

Aaaaand now I don’t know where to go from there. Every time I read it, I just dissolve into giggles.

Time for some bullet points? Probably.

  •          Oh my god, I love how the McGonagall/Unbridge dynamic grows. At the beginning, McGonagall is all, “tread lightly, Potter, have a biscuit!” and then McGonagall finds herself doing this:

Probably high on the list of Top Ten Things Minerva Never Thought She'd Do
  • Neville is getting better at hexing and jinxes and magic! AND SEXINESS.

More of this, please?

  • Dumbledore will not – what is the phrase? - go quietly. Take THAT, Fudge!
  • Teenagers are, by definition, idiots. The degree of idiocy is the only thing that changes from kid to kid. I feel bad for Snape the Teenager, but dude, it’s been 15+ years and if you haven’t figured out that teenagers are pretty much ALL vicious little snotrags, then you aren’t paying attention at your job. Plus, the guy who tortured you is DEAD and his friends scattered and poor or housebound, so maybe get a little perspective eh? Because it would really serve the OotP’s purpose better if you, Severus Snape, could not be a dick to Harry for FIVE MINUTES.
  • And then there's another McGonagall/Umbridge altercation during Harry's career advice meeting and by the time McGonagall loses it I'm just so incredibly happy.
  • But now we come to the crux of my issue, which is... the Twins, and how it's a little embarrassing how their mayhem makes me flush a bit. 

And how Peeves bows to them at the end and they ride their brooms off into the sunset and I just...

Might go do a little pillow biting of my own.