02 March 2013

Harry Potter HFriday - Part the It's Actually Saturday

Goblet of FIIIIIRE! You are so good.

Oh man you guys, my post is late and I have no excuse. BUT, I spent a thoroughly hilarious hour on gchat with a bunch of you during which we identified our own nemeses. And much like Harry Potter growing up in ignorance of his past, these nemeses trundle on through their existences without knowing that we labor against them at all times.

This whole experience has given me a new Voldy appreciation.

SO! Seven more chapters down, and Harry has made it through the first task, which was admitting to himself that he misses Ron and then wishing they could duke it out like guys instead of Not Speak like girls. UGH HIGH SCHOOL, right?

Speaking of high school, is polishing wands really a thing that wizards do? Because if so, that would deeeeefinitely end up being a euphemism for… polishing your wand.