23 January 2013

The Emerald Atlas - John Stephens

Hey January, where did you go? I have been a busy bee, but let me tell you, this year is starting out so much less stressful, hurtful, and heartbreaking than last year. Not that it doesn't have another 330-some-odd days to kick me in the teeth, but the outlook is definitely brighter and I think 2013 and I just might be friends.

BOOKS! I have read several this year according to my Goodreads challenge, but I have reviewed none of them because I have been - as mentioned - BUSY. There was a read-a-thon! It was great. And now there is the Harry Potter Read-a-long (ALL THE GIFS!) which happens on Hfridays (the H is silent).

And for the second time, I have read this book!

The first time was in April of 2012 on Alice's recommendation, and by November when her review of book 2 come out, I had completely forgotten I'd read it, and that is shameful because this book is utterly lovely and also hilarious. There are orphans (possibly the most over-represented demographic in literature), dwarves, sarcasm, and no poncy centaurs to let us in on the little secret that Mars is bright tonight. ::side-eyes JK Rowling and her send up of the centaurs::

But by far the best character is one of whom we see but little: Miss Sallow, the old crab-backed housekeeper.

"I've made dinner, I doubt it will be up to the gourmet standards of the King and Queens of France, but it will have to do. Chop off my head if you don't like it; I'm past caring. This way, Your Highnesses." 

This being one of the first meals the children have had outside of an orphanage, mind you. What a delight.

And it's kiiiind of a standard story line, in that they are The Ones Who Will Save The World and their parents gave them up to Keep Them Safe, etc., but it's also charming and the kids have this really great relationship with each other that makes me want to hug my brothers. ALL of them.

Plus, it's one of THREE. I do love a trilogy.

8.5 out of 11 Wicked Countesses