16 May 2015

#Minithon Time!!

Good morning, Minithoners! How are you? Ready? I need coffee. In fact, I'm scheduling this post because odds are I'm still crawling out of bed and not fit for human consumption/interaction quite yet.

BUT NO MATTER! It's the Minithon! What are you reading? What are you eating?? I went to Trader Joe's and walked out with a not-very-mini amount of food, but at least I should manage to stay fed for a few days. I bought an entire chicken for roasting. When is that going to happen? Ehhhhhh. Soon. Here's what I intend to eat some of today!

Like I wasn't going to get the MINI PIES. Pfffft. It's not my first day, Trader Joe's.
Those cookies that are front and center? They were in the endcap on the register, and the guy who rang me up watched my entire thought process of, "do-de-do-de-do...what are THOSE..." ::picks up box, eyes light up, throws in cart:: They're made better because of the ridiculous name. I bet they'll go really well with the half-pint of Ben & Jerry's that's in my freezer right now! Breakfast, anyone?

Oh wait books! Okay. Well, it's still Friday night here but I have 40 pages left of Diana Gabaldon's A Breath of Snow and Ashes,* so assuming I finish that tonight, I'll be starting the next book for the Minithon. There is at least one child in it, and even more important it's set in the gestational age of these United States, and there ain't much smaller than things gestating, so I'm covered there.

I'll also want to knit or spin at some point and I've got the Neverwhere adaptation queued up to start, which is only 3.75 hours and thus an abridgement of the original. Easy.

The clock is ticking, people! Get on Twitter and let's do this thing! (If you feel like blogging about it, here's a linky! If you're micro-blogging -  that is, joining us via social media - leave a note in the comments and make sure to use #Minithon!)

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OH! One more thing. If you do post, feel free to just update it for the end. We're easy around here like Saturday morning, when you're not even expected to get up for church or brunch. 

* Now you know why I haven't been book-blogging since January. This series is so big you guys, but it's a candy floss reading kind of year so far. More on that later, after coffee and the Minithon.