11 May 2015

It's #MINITHON Time Again!

YOU GUYS I have decided that joining challenges is just not a thing I am good at. I get all excited and post one post (::cough::) and then I wander off, fully intending to actually blog about my reading but I DON'T and it's just a disaster.

So, to reinvigorate my blogging - the reading has taken a hit as well, but a much smaller one - let's have a Minithon this Saturday the 16th, shall we? I miss your faces. Or at least, your snarky comments.

If you're here after I've been away from the blog this long, you most likely already know the rules but a little recap can't hurt!

Accepted and Agreed-upon Minithon Guidelines are as follows:

1) Mini-everything! Mini snacks, mini naps, mini discussions (aka tweets, hashtag #minithon), and of course, some justification of why your reading material falls into the category of "miniature," the sillier the better.

2) Just 8 hours, beginning to end. We will begin at 8am Pacific time (that's 4pm UK, Laura!). And when we end at 4pm PT, everyone can breathe a sigh of relief at a job well done.

3) Two posts: one at the beginning-ish and one at the end! I'll be queueing mine up on Friday night because 8am on a California Saturday is for coffee, not for blogging.

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