17 October 2012

Grapes of Wrath RAL - part Not Really

So you know how last week I was a mere nine chapters behind and I thought that was okay because I intended to catch up in time for THIS week?

Yeeeeaaaaa, that didn't happen. And please ignore that it's Wednesday and not the Laura-sanctioned TUESDAY designated for GoW RAL posts.

Instead, I moved into an apartment of my own and will now attempt to distract you from the paucity of my reading with pictures!

Day 0! Observe how clean and tidy everything is!

Day 1: Moving makes me feel like a hoarder.

Day 2: What you don't see is the giant stacks of boxes in the corners.
And today I got internet (as you may have noticed) like a Real Grown-Up. And have enough room in my kitchen to make actual dinner, which will end up being an apple, some sausage, stoned wheat thins, and wine. I might cook some macaroni and cheese if I'm feeling adventurous. (This getting fed at work thing has put a huge damper on my desire to cook.)

But wait! I do have gifs for you, and a personal story (tm).

 During the move, I parked my car in a neighbor's parking spot so we could unload the moving van directly into my house. And there it sat until yesterday afternoon because it refused to start.

And then the AAA guy listened to it and said it was probably a starter problem, which is something I can afford to fix even though I moved, so maybe things are okay? So he towed it to a mechanic whom my apartment manager recommended. I called this morning and again the afternoon: nothing except the threat of a blown head gasket, which will cost more than the car is worth to fix, not to mention more dollars than I currently have access to. AND THEN I looked said mechanic up on Yelp and he's fairly well-known for dickish mechanic behavior, so I might have to have AAA tow my car to another mechanic down the road.

See, I didn't need to do the reading to experience the Human Condition.

Bravo, 2012. YOU WIN AGAIN.


  1. Daaaamn girl, you need Tom Joad around to fix your car, which he did for under $10. WHICH YOU WOULD KNOW IF YOU'D READ THE BOOK!

    For reals though, lookit all your lifetime things going on! Do you have about 50 billion boxes of wool?!?!

  2. HAHHAHAHAHAH! I would indeed know that! It's like a question on a pop quiz designed to shame those who didn't read!

    Yes, I have approximately 38 billion boxes/bins/tubs of wool, and 37.5 billion boxes of books. Moving is a somewhat hilarious endeavor, since some boxes are GIANT and weigh next to nothing, while a lot of boxes are small and weight 50+ pounds.

    I like to keep movers on their toes.

  3. :( I could have sworn I left a comment on here. Mostly going on and on about how much I love that first Did Not Read gif. Damn you, blogger.

    ANYWAY, cos I can't remember everything I said, here's the gist of it
    Hooray new apt
    Watching Hoarders will either make you feel better about the stuff you have/make you want to clean all your stuff. Either way win
    That sucks about the (prob) douchetacular mechanic and I hope that gets fixed without costing you all the money.

    1. You did leave a comment, and I replied! And then IntenseDebate decided not to work and I'm tired of re-booting it every 2 weeks. Stupid IntenseDebate (or Blogger)!

      I can't watch Hoarders; it makes me gag. But just *thinking* about it makes me want to get rid of everything.

      The mechanic is (possibly) not douchetastic? He spent 2 days diagnosing my car and turns out it's a cam shaft thing, which is about $900 to fix. Not as good as I'd hoped, but WAY better than the $2k or replace-the-car I'd started to expect. I can actually swing it with a little careful finance juggling. So, yay-ish!