04 August 2012

Our Read-a-long is Better than Their Read-a-long

Some read-a-longs and book clubs focus on things like literary merit, conventions, criticism, and comparisons. They are Serious Literary Business and do things like discuss how The Canon is white-washed and male, how The Help uplifted them on a cloud of Making Black Women Feel Better (no? Was that just my opinion?), and the endless debate of Austen vs. Brontes.

If they were a song, they would be sung by Celine Dion or possibly Sarah Brightman.

This read-a-long is not like that. We are more point-and-laugh at Wilkie Collins's huge forehead, talk smack about Dickens's dickens and where it may have been, and we don't debate Austen vs. Brontes because obviously the answer is the unfortunate-looking but genius George Eliot.

Basically, we are the Ke$ha of the literary criticism world.