01 August 2012

Fire it Up: The Moonstone Read-a-long

Once there was an author with a forehead of truly prodigious proportions.

Wilkie Collins 1824-1889
In true Victorian style, his forehead - that phrenological seat of all that is intellectual - foretold (HEH) his fate and he became not only a writer, but BFFs with that paragon of 19th century British literature, Charles Dickens. I've mentioned before elsewhere that Boz and Wilkie were best buds (I approve of alliteration), so I won't go into that here.

So. The Moonstone. I know next-to-nothing about this book except that it was written after The Woman in White, which I enjoyed immensely, that it's widely considered the first detective novel and some people consider it the best detective novel, to which I say, does The Moonstone have THIS?

I thought not.
However, as Alice was kind enough to mention, it does have a reference to the Siege of Seringapatam, which is a thing no one in these modern times of ours has ever heard of, but they should because it involved the hilariously-named Kingdom of Mysore. The potential puns are plentiful!

If you'd like to join this read-a-long, you can find information and a linkie here! Hop to it, lieblings! Collins and his forehead await to show the Kids These Days how shit is WROTE.